Federal Government — We are a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), certified by the Federal Drug Administration, and engaged in federal projects serving the military, DCMA, VA, SEC and DHS customers. We leverage our technology and logistics capabilities to deliver high value service offerings. It’s no surprise that Premier LogiTech operates with military precision, given the prior military experience of the top executives, CEO Darryl Smith as Captain, US Marines, and President Scott Paul  as Major, US Army Corps of Engineers. The company has hired other veterans as well. Serving our government and the military becomes personal for company executives and the team. They have served, been to war, have friends who have done the same, have a personal passion for knowing that our government and our military are outfitted with the best technology. To learn more, read our federal case studies.


State and Local Government and Education — Premier LogiTech has delivered tablets, other mobile devices, laptops, desktops and servers to educational facilities – K-12 and higher education. We have extensive experience designing solutions for education. Project managers work closely with information technology executives to plan the details of deploying systems to both single campus and multiple and remote site locations. To learn more, read our state and local government and education case studies.


Commercial — We deliver services to some very well known consumer products and electronics firms. We insert our solutions in consumer electronic OEM’s supply chains to prepare and deliver mobile devices, tablets, and personal computers to their customers.. Premier is the “last mile” in a long consumer product supply chain. We package and kit thousands of products arriving from Asia, Latin America and Europe, ranging from cosmetics sales kits to cordless phone displays. We ensure that these items leave our facility “consumer ready,” free of defects and presented to entice customers to buy!


Telecom — Our network infrastructure solutions provide forward deployment and reverse logistics to telecom customers. Our regional warehouse network coupled with technical services delivers timely equipment delivery and faster installation for field forces. With technicians pressed to quickly restore customer services, our logistics expertise speeds the workflow. We are responsible for coordinating the delivery, staging and warehousing of new telecom equipment as well as the deinstallation and disposal of old gear. We also coordinate test, repair and remarketing or disposal activities.


Healthcare — Information technology touches nearly every aspect of the care delivery process and missteps can cause loss of life. With that understanding, we work tirelessly to ensure we get it right the first time. We collaborate with all stakeholders including medical staff, information technology professionals and administrators to insure that our solutions not only exceed expectations but we implement them without disrupting medical operations. Our goal is to enable not impede high quality care delivery.

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