Our team helps our customers streamline their operations: first by listening and understanding their requirements, and then by formulating creative solutions either as “one-off” projects or multi-year logistics programs. Our services include:

Infrastructure Support — We leverage relationships with several partners to deliver wireline and wireless network infrastructure logistics services. Our solutions include logistics, provisioning, installations, testing, repair, disposal and remarketing. Our solutions are tailored to each customer’s needs.


Logistics Outsourcing — We leverage over 20 years of logistics management expertise to deliver best-in-class outsourcing solutions to our clients including: warehousing, inventory management and transportation. We can reduce your operational expense and headaches by providing people, processes, technology and management of your warehouse. We manage these functions using the customer’s warehouse management systems or Premier’s tools.


Assembly and Secondary Packaging — Our logistics team provides both large scale/high volume kitting services as well as low volume/complex assembly. We also assemble floor-ready retail shippers and point of purchase displays. In addition, we provide multiple packaging solutions including design, materials consulting, shrink wrapping, bundling, bagging and clam shelling.


Packaging Design and Materials — We assist customers in determining the right packaging for their products. We leverage our vast kitting and packaging experience to help our customers to design their packaging for logistics, enabling them to avoid unnecessary supply chain costs. We also are able to procure materials through one of our many packaging manufacturing partners.


Warehousing and Fulfillment — We provide our customers secured, safe and climate controlled storage. We are able to pick, pack and deliver customer inventory using truckload, LTL or parcel shipping. All items are tracked using our inventory management system.



Reverse Logistics/Rework — We efficiently manage customers’ end-of-life product requirements including triage, repair, re-label, disposal and re-marketing. Product experience includes high end electronics , batteries, retail products, and promotional materials.

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